Country / Gospel he Covers it all. Has released 3 National singles in Country Music.

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Debuting at #1 on the European Country Charts, and has been #1 for 7 weeks in a row


We would like to thank Hot Disc for playing our music in Europe, it debuted at #1 with our new song Moonshine!!! Featuring Southern Halo!!! The video stars our buddy Josh Owens from the Moonshiners TV Show.

Moonshine Jody Medford feat: Southern Halo with Josh Owens

Jody's new video featuring Southern Halo starring Josh Owens from Moonshiners TV show


Jody has a rockin country band and still sings with other groups for special shows. He still fills in with some big quartets when they need a bass singer. He has one of the lowest voices in country music. He started singing bass in high school and has been singing his entire life. Check out this website 

Big Revival

Snake-handling Churches, this video stars Josh Owens from Moonshiners TV show, the main villain from the movie Deliverance Herbert "Cowboy" Coward and the banjo boy from the movie Deliverance Billy Redden. 

Last Man Standing

 anti-bullying video

My Redneck of the Woods

This video was filmed in the mountains in North Carolina. When they started filming in early November it was 62 degrees that morning and by midday it was snowing. 

Jody's top Videos

Here is a link to some of Jody's Best Videos


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